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Searching the World Wide Web
Sample Sites


Here are some sample URLs. Can you guess from looking at them what kind of site they're from? (See below for details)



1. This is a commercial site, run by AT&T, called AnyWho, which provides the white and yellow pages of phone books throughout the country. This particular page lists all the area codes in the United States and the areas they cover.

2. As you might have seen from the .it in this URL, this is a site located in Italy. More specifically, it is the Bed & Breakfast Association of Rome. It has information on all the Bed & Breakfast inns in Italy.

3. This is from a government website,, and provides statistics from the census. This particular page is a ranking of infant mortality rates among the 50 states from 2005. Many government agencies offer statistics, publications, and forms on their websites that can be helpful.

4. This organization chose the domain name It's no surprise that this the official website of the National Pasta Association. If you look at the rest of the URL, you may have figured out that this is an image of cheeseburger noodle pasta. (The other hint is the file extension, .jpg. Files ending with .jpg and .gif are always going to be images.)

5. You can tell from the server name ( that this is a commercial site about movies. Further, you may have guessed that this page was the result of a search conducted on the movie The Incredibles. This site will give you a summary of the movie, reviews, a list of the cast, and which local theaters it's showing at.

6. You can tell from the .edu domain code that this site is hosted on from an educational institution. Specifically, it's from UNC, which is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. You can also guess from reading this (pretty straightforward) URL that this page tells you the courses this university is offering in German. Almost every college and university has a website with oodles of information like this.

7. Here is another example of a site that doesn't use www as their web server. It's obviously a news site, but what does the .de mean? That's the country code for Germany (Deutschland to the locals), so unless you can read German, you're probably not going to get much out of this site. The rest of the URL means that it's taking you directly to the sports section, but that's hard to guess from just an "s" at the end. (Not every URL is going to tell you everything.)


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